Hi there!

I am Masisa, better known as Christina. I am crocheting for several years now and had a small business to sell my patterns. I closed it, when I had no time to go on designing anymore, but decided the time has come to reopen again.

I am a person who loves to create. I love the feeling of yarn flowing through my fingers, the creation process, to see something grow, feel the love I put into those pieces.
Crocheting is like meditation to me. I forget time and everything else around me, as soon as I start. It’s pure joy to be in this creative process.

I’m located in germany, but prefer to act worldwide. I love to be part of this big community of crafters around the world. I love to make new friends while doing what I love. It’s a wonderful opportunity to do, what you like, and find ppl who are just the same. Who share this passion.

On the blog I’ll show you my patterns, tips and tricks and all about crochet I like. May it be free or paid patterns, yarn recommendations and much more.